Teacher Evaluations and Comments
About the Child Abuse Prevention Program

After the child abuse prevention classes, the teachers have the opportunity to evaluate our presenters.
Here is what they say:

  1. Was the presenter knowledgeable about the domestic violence topics discussed?
    • Dooley - 1/10/17 - Jim - Yes. He was able to engage the students that just didn't want to focus.
    • Dooley - 1/11/17 - Diane - Yes. Before she presented the 2nd week the class was happy to hear that she was coming back.
    • Dooley - 1/10/17 - Paul & Jessica: - Yes, the presenters were well prepared and knew their stuff.
    • Dooley - 12/2/16 - Jim - He was knowledgeable and explained things very clearly. He was also able to answer every question.
    • Mann - 1/14/15 - Paul - Yes, I especially liked how he kept referring to the California law.
    • MacArthur - 5/8/12 - Peter - Yes, very gentle, open, with good info, listened to the children, answered all questions.
    • King - 4/17/12 - Jim - Yes, he seemed informed, prepared, and able to share his knowledge/info appropriately with the students.
    • Lincoln - 3/20/12 - Leslie - Yes, she delivered a great presentation. She is clear and positive at all times. She also did a wonderful job in letting students know that they are special and have rights.
    • Newcomb - 2/7/12 - Jim - Absolutely! Great, important info presented in a clear, comfortable, respectable manner.
    • Cleveland - 2/3/12 - Jim - Yes. He knew all the video material, when to stop for discussion.
    • International - 12/13/11 - Jim - Very knowledgeable and also very responsive to the students. The students were respectful to our presenter and it is because he took the subject seriously and treated the students as an audience that needed to be informed.
    • Birney - 11/8/11 - Lisa - Yes, she was very knowledgeable.
    • Lincoln - 3/15/11 - Phyllis - Yes - very! She answered all the students' questions appropriately and respectfully. Redirected students when needed.
    • Lincoln - 3/4/11 - Jim has proved for the second year that his knowledge and enthusiasm is exemplary.
    • Harte - 2/4/11 - Yes, Ms. Diane answered my students' questions with respect and knowledge. The use of visuals (posters) enhanced her presentation. It was well organized and clear.
    • Burnett - 11/5/10 - Leslie - Very knowledgeable!  Because so well informed, allowed good pacing that kept the kids engaged.
    • Burnett - 11/5/10 - Yes, Peter was extremely knowledgable. The information was at the perfect level and caught students attention. He was great with the information and my students.
    • Alvarado - 5/15/10 - Yes, Jim was great - he presented info in a gentle way - my students listened carefully. I could tell the sexual abuse info brought about giggles, but Jim just kept going and absorbed their anxiety - he was wonderful.
    • International - 12/12/08 - Jim was extremely knowledgeable and conveyed the information to the students fabulously.
    • Lincoln - 11/3/08 - Dorris was able to present inform at in clearly to students in a very tasteful manner.
    • Lincoln - 7/15/08 - Peter is very knowledgeable.  He has a wonderful presentation voice that was very calming and reassuring.
    • Tucker - 1/22/08 - Ms. Flynn was very knowledgeable.
    • Edison - 10/2/07 - David did an excellent job delivering this sensitive material to the students.
    • Willard - Peter was very knowledgeable and presented the information in an excellent manner.
    • Kettering - Yes, very much so. Lisa's demeanor was bright and approachable.
    • Lincoln - Thomas provided the information to the students so that they were able to understand.
    • Sutter - Lisa has excellent communication skills, especially 'child friendly' vocabulary.
    • Keller - Peter is very knowledgeable - he connected very well with the students.
  2. Was the child abuse presentation age appropriate?
    • Cubberley - 1/16/15 - Jim - Yes, I'm sure there were some who felt uncomfortable at first, but settled in because of its importance.
    • Dooley - 6/4/12 - Jim - Yes, he was sensitive to the age group's needs.
    • Keller - 5/22/12 - Peter - Yes, he made my students feel at ease with such an uncomfortable subject.
    • Newcomb - 2/7/12 - Kathy - Absolutely.
    • International - 12/16/11 - Jim - Yes! Perfect!
    • Lincoln - 3/4/11 - Leslie - At first I thought it would be too much. But I found the material to be very age appropriate.
    • Burbank - 6/29/10 - Jorge - Yes, the presenter did a good job introducing sensitive subjects.
    • Tincher - 5/18/10 - Peter - Yes, it was presented at a level and in a way the kids could understand.
    • Burnett - 11/12/08 - Jim - Yes, he always made sure the kids understood by asking them to give him their definition of a word, so it was kept at their level and kept appropriate.
    • Lincoln - Absolutely! Diane kept their interest!
    • Muir - Mary presented the strong points delicately.  I think some of the video scenes were a little strong - it made me cringe, but then again it is reality.  I think the students benefited from the presentation and are now aware of what can happen.
    • Sutter - Yes.  Lisa kept the content non-explicit, but each student knew what the subject matter was.
  3. What were the strong points of the child abuse prevention program?
    • Dooley - 1/10/17 - Diane - Going from video to discussion held the student's interest. The video made the topic more "real" than just discussion.
    • Dooley - 12/2/16 - Jim - Jim made sure to check for understanding constantly throughout the presentation.
    • Bryant - 1/23/15 - Jim - It was very well balanced.
    • Dooley - 6/5/12 - Leslie - The open and honest discussion!
    • King - 4/17/12 - Leslie - The absolute honesty of it. Kids should know how to deal with these things. They are definitely old enough to understand and I feel this program really helps kids feel more comfortable and empowered.
    • Newcomb - 2/7/12 - Jim - Care in instructing on a delicate subject. Accurate, detailed info - video pieces w/real kids!
    • International - 12/9/11 - Kathy - The role play provided by the presenter really caught the attention of the students. Student participation is always the key to their minds.
    • Birney - 11/7/11 - Peter - Activities were very engaging and students really like the role play they did in class.
    • Harte - 2/4/11 - Diane - The video the students watched the first day presented difficult information in a very tactful manner. Ms. Diane also made a great connection with the students.
    • Burnett - 11/5/10 - Leslie - Her energy and connection with the children, she seemed to easily build trust with them.  They wanted to learn because of her dynamic personality.
    • Burnett - 5/21/10 - Jim - The video scenarios are very powerful. Stopping to discuss each situation was helpful for students.
    • Burnett - 5/21/10 - Peter - The Role Play, the Resource cards, and the age appropriate video.
    • Burnett - 2/17/10 - Peter - The videos are a powerful part of the program. Also having a presenter who is comfortable with students and interacting with them as was Peter.
    • Burroughs - 10/20/09 - The program opens a dialogue about a sensitive topic in a safe and appropriate way for kids.
    • Burnett - 11/12/08 - Peter reviewed what was discussed.  He stopped the video on day 1 throughout, and helped the students understand what was happening.
    • Henry - 11/2/07 - Peter engaged the students and explained everything at their level.
    • Keller - Jan knew how to speak to 4th graders.
    • Lincoln - Paul had a natural rapport with the students. The video was thought provoking and presented a their level of understanding in an appropriate, non-threatening format.
    • Lincoln - Karen clearly defined abuse and gave kids resources to help them.
    • Burnett - Mary's friendly rapport with the students made them feel safe and comfortable asking questions and sharing comments.
    • Sutter - Thomas had the sensitivity as well as the ability to relate to the students in a sincere manner that was helpful to students for a good role model, as well as information about abuse.  The video was a plus also.
    • Tincher - Pat provided knowledge and resources for those who might need them.
  4. Additional Comments
    • Dooley - 12/2/16 - Jim - Jim was very pleasant and kind. The students loved having him as the presenter. Thank you!
    • Muir - 2/27/15 - Jim - Kudos to Jim & your program!
    • Grant - 2/25/15 - Paul - The video is a great visual for the students to understand that it is important to get help.
    • King - 4/17/12 - Peter - Awesome job! Wonderful job! (the students said "We now know how to help ourselves and others in danger.")
    • Lincoln - 3/20/12 - Leslie - Thank you again for your awesome program.
    • International - 12/13/11 - Jim - I think that this is an awesome program that is provided to Long Beach Unified School District.
    • Gompers - 10/19/11 - Jim - I have helped one student through this program in my 12 years of teaching and will always welcome the Program in my classroom.
    • Gompers - 10/14/11 - Peter - Great program! Thanks for coming!
    • Gompers - 10/14/11 - Leslie - The students in my class really enjoyed talking to Leslie. She had a great relationship with the class.
    • Dooley - 6/4/11 - Peter - First time in 39 years as a teacher that I have seen this program. Outstanding!
    • Dooley - 6/4/11 - Peter - Thank you, I know that this really impacted my students. This probably also answered questions the students wondered about.
    • MacArthur - 5/27/11 - Peter - Flexible scheduling with presenters was ex cell ant!
    • Alvarado - 3/11/11 - Peter - I've been very pleased with presenters and info over the last 4 years - thank you for bringing this info to our students!
    • Lincoln - 3/4/11 - Peter - Thank you so much for continuing to come to Lincoln. I have personally had kids' lives change because of it.
    • Harte - 2/4/11 - Peter - I forgot that there is this program. I have had this program in my class years ago. It really helped students to understand what happens in homes and how to go about it if there is a problem. Already some students in other classes have come forward. Last time you were with me a family was saved from domestic violence.
    • Burbank - 6/29/10 - Peter - This is a very valuable program done in a way that is encouraging and safe for the students.
    • Keller - 5/21/10 - Jim did a fabulous job. This is a great program that elicits lots of questions and comments.
    • Burroughs - 10/20/09 - Jim has a comforting approach with the kids.  The videos are well done and very effective at opening up the discussion.
    • Tincher - 1/27/09 - Jan Everything went well.  Great classroom management by the presenter.
    • MacArthur - 12/3/07 - Jim was fantastic.  He related well to this age group.  His is calm and has a great speaking voice.  His pacing is great too.
    • Lincoln - 8/16/07 - Excellent program!  It really empowers our kids to speak up for themselves and their friends.  It stresses that abuse is not their fault and gives them options on how to get help (ie - the hotline).
    • Lafayette - 7/13/07 - Very wonderful program.  As a result, one student disclosed sexual abuse and is receiving services - 'Breaking the Silence'.
    • Barnett - Overall, the presentations have always empowered my students to share their feelings more and stand up for themselves when something doesn't feel right physically or emotionally.
    • Barnett - This was an excellent program for my students to learn about.  It was very valuable for them!
    • Lincoln - Karen, thank you very much.
    • Burroughs - Mary, this is the second year I have seen this presentation.  Last year 2 children came to me with abuse issues.  I hope to think this program helped the kids come forward.
    • Sutter - Mary, the students really need to continue to be exposed to this kind of information.
    • Sutter - Paul, your presentation could have been done in one hour, but the students looked forward to your coming again.
    • Willard - Peter was well prepared and had the kids' attention.
    • Willard - Peter, this is a great program.  It would be nice for the students to report back to their parents or share a mini project on a journal writing.  A lot of parents need to know that this program exists.
    • Willard - Mary, it is very helpful for an outside source to speak with students regarding child abuse.  Students react much better and more honestly than with their teacher.
    • Kettering - Mary, this is a very worthwhile and important program.
    • Willard - Mary, the PTA requested a speaker for our general PTA meeting to speak to parents - great idea!
    • Sutter - Lisa, This is a great program.  I am glad you provide this service for our students.
    • Gompers - Great program - should be in every school - important.

Here are notes from the school staff about our program:

Burnett: 11/1/11
Thanks to you and your team for enlightening the students on their right to a safe home, by your presentations over the last few weeks.

I eavesdropped on a conversation yesterday of about 5 4th graders from the class taught by your presenter Claudette, saying how they didn't know what abuse was until your presentation.  Fabulous for students to know their is 'another way' and that they too have rights.

Burnett: 11/12/10
"They were awesome presenters!! The best I have seen here. My kids learned a lot and were attentive the entire time."

"I must share with all of you that the presenters went OUT OF THEIR WAY TO FIND ME and tell me that they SO ENJOYED our WELL BEHAVED and INSIGHTFUL students. Tough subject and they really handled it well.
You must be proud."

Thank you for your kind remarks about Bret Harte and for your wonderful program.  The academic day demands so much of a teacher's time that he/she is not able to address the other vital topics in our children's lives.  A well-prepared program takes so much time, expertise, and manpower to produce.  You provide tat expertise, and the teacher sable to provide the follow-up attention.

Robin Sinks, LBUSD Health Curriculum Leader:
As you well know, family violence is a reality for many of our students.  It affects how they feel about themselves, how they relate to adults and peers, how they cope with stress, and how they perform at school.   Long Beach Child Abuse Prevention Program, a non-profit providing services in Long Beach since 1990, offers educational presentations about child abuse and family violence for 4th and 5th grade students, resource cards for school support staff working with families, and referrals to local agencies providing counseling and support services to families affected by violence.  The presentations, provided at no cost to schools, align to the Health Content Standards and Benchmarks and have been well received by teachers.